Twinkle Bajpai is pestered by a junior artiste on the sets

Twinkle Bajpai is pestered by a junior artiste on the sets

Eye see: Twinkle Bajpai
Twinkle Bajpai aka Lakshmi of Ghar Ki Lakshmi-Betiyaan recently lost her cool on the sets of the show. Apparently, one of the junior artistes teased herby pulling faces at her. This irritated her no end. An angry Twinkle yelled at him.

When contacted, Twinkle confirmed the news. She said, "We were shooting a railway station scene. There were a lot of junior artistes who formed the crowd on a railway station. One of them looked at me in a suggestive manner. He kept smiling at me. But what irritated me most was his expressions. I just couldn't control my anger. I shouted at him."

Soon the news spread like wildfire on the sets. Apparently, Twinkle wanted the artiste to be thrown out. But that could not be done since the other junior artistes ganged up against Twinkle. "I thought the junior artiste's behaviour was offensive. Everyone comes on the sets to work. I had requested the authorities that the man shouldn't be around while I am shooting," added Twinkle.

The big fight ended only when other  unit members intervened. Sources from the unit suggested that the junior artistes' union is powerful and it is advisable not mess around with them.

Director Romesh Kalra said, "Whatever happened should not have happened. But thankfully, everything is under control now."

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