حورار مع حبيب سارفاتي Calling me born actor would not be an exaggeration : Vikrant Rai

Calling me born actor would not be an exaggeration : Vikrant Rai

Dashing and debonair Vikrant Rai is doing director Kawal Sharma’s film DELHI EYE. Recently Amitabh Bachchan launched the music of the film. Vipul K. Shah of GLAMGOLD met the energetic dude and talked about his journey and the film at the music launch.
GG) Tell us about your background.
VR) My family consists of my father, mother, younger brother and me. I come from a non-filmy background. My father is a senior officer in Indian Navy and my mother is a housewife. My brother is also an officer in Indian Navy and a pilot.
GG) Why did you choose acting as your career?
VR) Because I was born to do this only. Calling me born actor would not be an exaggeration. Acting is my passion.
GG) What was your family’s reaction?
VR) I got my first break pretty smoothly, so obviously it was all positive though it was surprising for them as none of them could imagine something like this. Watching even a shoot on street was big thing for them…for that matter for all of us.
GG) Have you taken any formal training in acting?
VR) I never felt like taking training, but my parents said that since I am getting into it as a professional, I better get some kind of formal training. So with whatever little knowledge I had, I enrolled for acting diploma from Kishore Nameet Kapoor Acting Institute.
GG) How did you get DELHI EYE?
VR) I was looking for films. I can say it happened to be at the right place at the right time. As they say when something is meant to happen, things automatically fall in place. Kawal Sharmaji just saw me when I went for the audition. After speaking to me for five minutes, he thought that I was the perfect actor to play the character and I was on board.
GG) Why did you accept the film?
VR) I saw this offer as exactly that opportunity which I was looking for. And it is Kawal Sharma’s film. Also I liked the story and the character I play. Frankly it doesn’t get better than this for a boy in my situation. I have faith in me and my abilities as an actor.
GG) What is your role?
VR) I am playing a college guy Bittoo Shrivastav. He is nice at heart, fun loving but mischievous dude.
GG) Tell us something about the film.
VR) It is gonna be such a roller coaster ride watching this film, something like a college based thriller you see in Hollywood. In no way I am going to play the spoil sport by telling you anything more right now except few things that it is a youth oriented film based on true story. You have to wait and watch.
GG) Who are your co-actors?
VR)  Dimple Patel, Mansi Singh, Nimish Shrivastav and Nitin Gurbani.
GG) Tell us about the music of the film.
VR) In one word great. After shooting for those songs I can bet, anybody who gets to hear the song for the first time will end up humming it for many days. The album is damn catchy.
GG) Will you accept offers from south?
VR)  Why not? I am an actor looking for great roles and scripts. I am of the opinion that the South film industry is on par with Hindi film industry.
GG) Who are your favorite Bollywood actors and actresses?
VR) Many. But since I was a kid, I was very much fascinated by style icon of Hindi film industry, our own Clint Eastwood the late Feroze Khan.
GG) What kind of roles will you like to do?
VR) What do I say? I think I must ask you and the viewers this last question in what role they would like to see me. My job is to play my roles honestly from the heart.

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