Tanushree Kaushal aka Menka, Indian TV Actress

Tanushree Kaushal aka MenkaTanushree Kaushal aka Menka, Indian TV Actress The very beautiful Tanushree Kaushal is no more an unknown name in the television industry. Recently she also made a mark in the silver screen as well. To the sincere viewers of the small screen she is known as the malicious `chhoti maa` in the popular Zee show `Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiiyaan`. She plays the step-mom to the daughters of the Garodia household and is very proud of her son Yuvraaj (played by Romit Raaj). She wants the whole property to be in the name of her son and she keeps on hatching evil plans on to how to deprive the daughter of their share and also to throw them out. She also compels her son to marry Pabitra or Kajri Bai (played by Jasveer Kaur), a courtesan putting up a presence of a descendant of the royal family. Very soon the truth is revealed and she finds herself brutally tortured by the daughter-in-law and forced out of the house.

This actress claims that in real life she cannot relate to her character at all. Tanushree Kaushal is a very cool person in her off-screen life and believes that everyone around her should be happy in her presence. Being a woman herself she cannot even think in the wildest dreams to be mean to another woman. She also does not think that the show is conservative. In fact she is of the view that every daughter has her own set of responsibilities and somewhere deep down every family is orthodox. She proudly claims that whenever she goes out people recognizes her. Some even go to the extent of giving her moral lessons and then she has to make deliberate attempts to tell them that it is just a role. She also claims that her vampish character is much different from that of other vamps as her role is more subtle and sugarcoated. There is no direct maliciousness and there is nothing loud about the dress and reaction as well. Recently she has been seen in the Bollywood venture `Breaking News` which deals with sting-operations. She plays the role of a journalist in this film who uses her powers to get things done.

On the personal front also Tanushree Kaushal is on cloud nine being in a stable relationship with her boyfriend Vineet Raina who plays the role of Veer Khurana in the popular Zee show `Maayka`. She claims that they both are in love and are in a serious relationship. They meet each other and spend quality time off-screen. According to her he is a very caring and down-to-earth person. Marriage is definitely on the cards of these lovebirds but as of now they would like to concentrate on their career.

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