Neil Bhatt caught between love and law

      Neil Bhatt caught between love and lawdage -- better late than never -- seems to be a boon for some actors. That is precisely what has happened with Neil Bhatt, the male protagonist of Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi scheduled to come on air from March 9 on Sahara. The show was initially supposed to start in November, 08, however, due to the industry-wide strike and the global recession, it took the producers another three months to get the serial ready for telecast.
The producer of the show Shakti Sagar of Sagar Arts had been fond of Neil right from the Arslaan days and had selected him for the JIKMWRKM role based on that. �This is the story of Sumer and Sunaina. While I am playing the role of Sumer, Neha Marda is playing Sunaina. The love story is based in the 18th century in a small village of Madhya Pradesh. It is a very nice show which will trace the transformation of best of friends to lovers,� says Neil.
The promos of the show have been on air for the last two months. Didn�t the delay frustrate Neil? �As an actor -- yes. Definitely, it is very frustrating to wait so long for your show to go on air. But I gained from another angle. I am studying law and could prepare for my exams very well during these two months,� says the young boy who comes from a family of lawyers. �Both my father and grandfather are practicing lawyers,� says Neil. �Acting is my passion, but completing my law degree is also an important step in my career.

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