manav gohil

An extremely talented actor, that he is, Manav Gohil is definitely emerging in the tellydom as a very popular star. Not only he is a versatile actor but also he is a great anchor and was also the presenter of the popular Indian television show Fame Gurukul. His journey towards stardom started after he participated in a glam pageant in Ahmedabad just for a lark. He was crowned the man of Gujarat in this pageant. It was at this point he decided to try his tryst at modeling and acting. He flew down to Mumbai and got a few screen tests but unfortunately he failed in all of them. He was then advised to join formal training in acting and after borrowing some money from his dad he got enrolled under Kishor Namit Kapoor. He started doing theatre but without much success. Then one day he went and met a person in the office of UTV and demanded a role from him. He was obliged with the role of a compounder. Though the role was small all noticed him. From here on begins the making of another telly star.

Manav Gohil and his wife ShwetaManav Gohil was offered Janam Samjha Karo and Chudiyaan. After the second serial there was a small gap and then he was offered the role of Vikram in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. Following `Kahani` he was seen in several soaps under Balaji Productions including, Kkusum, Kasauti Zindagii Ki, Kahani Teri Meri. But soon after he disappeared from both `Kahani` and `Kkusum` and went to United States to attend some shows. While in U.S. a thought struck him that he was being straitjacketed in his work and he straightaway told Ekta that he had lost interest in `Kkusum` and `Kasauti`. He was then offered the lead role in K-series soap `Kahani Teri Meri`. This serial proved to be another turning point as he got a platform to play the lead and from hereon he started getting calls for even better roles than before. The top shots of the industry began to look at him in a different light. But then again due to the communication gap between the concept and its implementation, the show went off the air. Then he appeared in Saara Akaash aired on Star Plus and another soap titled Mansha on Zee Television. After that he was seen in the very popular soap C.I.D. in the role of a happy-go-lucky cop. According to Manav Gohil PR helps to a certain extent in the television industry but looks matter a lot. He was a methodical actor but with the changing times he has transformed into a spontaneous actor. In his personal life also Manav is a very happy and contended individual. He is happily married to the popular television actress Shweta Kawatra. Together this celebrity couple also appeared on the celebrity dance show Nach Baaliye. Over all his fans wish that this extremely versatile actor will not only scale great heights in the years to come but also be in the album of love treasured by his fan following.

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