char ki laksbim betiyannاسم الحقيقي لي مسلسل هندي البنات زينة البيت

Karol Bagh to showcase newbies

Karol Bagh to showcase newbies
The new show Karol Bagh is all set to replace Creative Eye's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann on Zee TV. The shows last episode will be aired on August 13. Well, let us just tell you a bit about Karol Bagh. This new show is set against the backdrop of Delhi and the story revolves around the Delhi-ites and their lives in the city.

If you're bored of all the same old faces on screen, this new show is just meant for you. You'll get to watch some new faces on the show like Hunar Ali and Wasim Shaikh, who'll be seen playing key roles. RJ Smriti, who was earlier with Red FM, is also making her debut as an actress in Karol Baugh.

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