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Shraddha Nigam

The beautiful Shraddha Nigam talks about her new project in Zee Next, and also about her Baliye, Karan Grover..

Despite climbing up the popularity charts fast and having many offers in her hand, Shraddha Nigam is one actress who is very chosy about the kind of roles she does. "I admit, I am very choosy about my roles. I have been working continiously for the last few years and want to take it a bit easy now. She was busy in Dubai shooting for two Pakistani serials," says the pretty actress who was last seen in Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Asmaan.

"I know people often complain that I act in very few serials and that I should take up more work. I feel honoured that my fans think this way, but I always want to be remembered for my role and my performances, not for the number of serials I act in," she explains.

So what's up her sleeve now? "I am shooting for a new show on the soon-to-be-launched channel, Zee Next, Hum Tum, where I am playing the role of a simple workaholic girl. It is a triangular love story, with me, Sachin Sharma and Sampada Vaze playing the pivotal roles," says Shraddha.

Shraddha is going great guns in her personal life as well. She has managed to find her love in Karan Singh Grover. "I am really excited to have him in my life. Karan is a wonderful person. He is extremely fun loving and a very positive guy," says the blushing beauty.

How does she rate Karan the actor? "I feel his new role in Dill Mill Gayye is the best so far. Karan is a brilliant actor. When I was shooting for my new show in Goa, everyday I would create some scene to ensure that I see Karan's show on television!", says the excited lover girl. The duo was even supposed to take part in Nach Baliye, but due to clash of dates for Shraddha, it did ot materialise.

Currently Shraddha is busy with two films which she doesn't want to discuss in detail at this point. Point taken Shraddha, we will wait!

Author: Srabanti ChakrabortiShraddha Nigam on her divorce

Hill Road

TV actress Sharddha Nigam, who divorced Karan Singh Grover, said in one of her interviews that there was a lot of pain. Here's she is talking about the painful phase and her furure plans.

Shraddha Nigam

What prompted you to take this step?
"There were a lot of things. Like marriage, divorce is not a decision you can jump into. You can't just wake-up one day and say that I can't put up with all this shit and give up. It was thought about clearly as the marriage. I am a very regular Indian girl at heart. So, I wouldn't end a marriage in a moment."

Karan and Shraddha

Are these rumors true that Karan Singh Grover had link ups with Jhalak Dikha La Ja choreographer Nichole and Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget?
"Honestly, if you went through something so painful like I have, you would face many things. I still have many questions that I have no answers for, so giving you an answer would be equally difficult."

Shraddha Nigam

So, then why did she walk out on her marriage?
"I have always been true to myself. Honestly; divorce to me was like a death sentence. But all I knew was that I was standing up for myself. I don't believe in blame games, but I do believe that people who aren't true themselves have to go through pain, maybe not immediately but eventually."

Shraddha Nigam
Did you have parental support?
"My parents stood firmly by me in every decision I took. They were very understanding and supported me throughout and there was no pressure for anything. I salute them because it's tough for any parent."

Shraddha Nigam
Ok, then did Karan Singh Grover's parents support you?
"It is tough for all parents involved in this. The space I share with his parents is also something I share in reverence. It was a beautiful phase that I shared with a lot of respect and regard."

Shraddha Nigam
In one of his recent interviews, Karan admitted that you guys were still good friends, what do you have to say about it'
"Well, I think there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication in that article, I don't think he would say something which is not quite true."

Shraddha Nigam
What about your career?
"I always planned to return by the end of 2009. The reason I took a break was because I wanted to enjoy my marriage like every girl does and its just incidental that my divorce is happening at the same time that I had decided to come back. I am doing Rohit Roy's film which I finished before I got married and now I am looking forward for its release. Not only this I am also looking forward for a chat show too."

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