Ram Kapoor quits ‘Kasamh Se’

After the three sisters were replaced, it was Ram Kapoor, who finally opted to withdraw from the long running show ‘Kasamh Se’. The three sisters along with Ram, who played the character of Jai Walia, were the UPS of the show, and with the three girls exiting the show Jai Walia had no motivation, but to resign from his role.

Based on sources close to the actor, Ram is not pleased with the younger generation characters, who are now trying to be the central element on the show. He also feels that the story has lost its core theme and has no firm direction.

A source from the production house also revealed that Balaji Telefilms production house has slashed a big percentage of the salaries paid to its star cast which has triggered a set of actors to move away from the Balaji clam.

Ram's contract is soon expected to end, and looks like the actor is in no mood to renew it. So after Bani, shall we see Jai death's track?

The creative heads are still rambling with the future story track, and Ekta with Shobhna are trying to do their best to retain their stars.