Twinkle aka Laxshmi has a brother in Sharad

Twinkle Bajpai’s on-screen brother may be Yuvraj (Romit Raj) but Lakshmi from Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan has an off-screen brother - Sharad Kelkar (Nahar of Saat Phere).

Twinkle Bajpai : Bollywood Film Actress Pictures 7

Twinkle tells us why, “When I had gone to Dubai 6 months back, I got a severe asthma attack and my condition was worsened by pollution and the hectic schedule. At that point of time, Sharad was also in Dubai for an Antakshari festival and he took care of me, taking me to the hospital and calling my relatives to look after me at the hospital. I can’t remember the name of the hotel; it was from this incident that I started calling him Sharad Bhaiyaa. Keerti is my bhabhi.”

She adds, “Whenever we all meet both Sharad and Keerti pamper me a lot as I am the youngest among all the Betiyaan girls. Even now Sharad Bhaiyya keeps inquiring about my health.”

Sharad confirmed this, saying she was his off-screen “foster sister.”

Surely, Nahar is not only caring on-screen, he is a real-life hero. Isn’t he?

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