Kartik Sabrawal denies strangling co-star

Kartik Sabrawal denies strangling co-star
Kartik Sabrawal
Kartik Sabrawal, who plays Bhavishya in the Zee show Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, has rubbished that he almost strangled his co-actor and on-screen mother actress Natasha Rana during a scene.

It has been learnt that for one particular scene, Kartik had almost strangled her accidentally. There were also reports that a doctor had to be called in to treat her.

When we contacted the actor for a clarification on the matter, he said, "Why would I do this and that too in front of the camera? If I would have strangled her, she would have been dead. But she was absolutely fine."

"No doctor was called and she was acting very enthusiastically," he added.

Explaining the scene in question, the actor who is playing a psycho character in the serial said, "Bhavishya thinks that his wife Saraswati is his ex-girlfriend and so gifts her a necklace. But his mother stops him and in anger Bhavishya catches her neck. That's it. All stories about me strangling my on-screen mother are baseless."

Kartik terms the whole controversy as a anti-publicity stunt. "Seems like somebody wants to spoil my image. Anyways, in the serial, I'm playing a characterless guy. I don't want to comment on who has done this. I'm doing my work and, if the serial is not doing well, it's not my problem," the actor signed off.

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