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We all know that Indian television has moved from old rona dhona Saas Bahu serials to more realistic and history based serials. Here is yet another serial based on history the story of Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV Tue-Fri 8.00 PM.
Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani… Jhansi Ki Rani is the story of an ordinary girl who went on to become an extraordinary ruler. Her defiance against the British is exemplary even today. The fervor that she aroused gave birth to various leaders and revolutionaries who finally freed our nation from the British. The show attempts to bring forth the various facets of this remarkable woman which are yet unknown to people. The Rani is shown as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a warrior and essays all the roles with equal aplomb. The show is…
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Ulka Gupta

Still from Jhansi Ki Rani

Manu Bai (Laxmibai): Ulka Gupta
Manubai (Laxmibai) was the daughter of Moropant Tambe. Inspite of being a Brahmin by birth, Manu displayed the qualities of a Kshatriya (warrior) in her. She was an expert in horse riding, sword fighting, gun firing, malkhamb and also acquired the knowledge of ved, puran, geeta and other religious books. She maintained the respect and dignity of her dynasty after she became the Queen of Jhansi. She was a righteous ruler and believed in imparting justice to all.
Nana Saheb: Satyajeet Dube
Nana Saheb was the biological son of Madhav Narayan Rao but in 1839 he was adopted by Bajirao Peshwa 2 and thereafter became the Prince of Peshwas. He was good looking and charming with attributes of kindness, bravery and intellect. He had great leadership qualities. His intellect and foresight came to the fore and brought him prominence in 1857.
Vahini Sahib: Aruna Irani
Vahini Sahib is a fictitious character in the storyline. She plays a senior lady from the Peshwa family. A very authoritative character, she has a strong hold on Bajirao’s family. She is a strict follower of royal customs. This creates disputes and conflicts with Manu. Moro Pant Tambe: Shailesh Dattar
Manu’s father Moro Pant Tambe was a soft-hearted, wise and learned Maharashtrian Shaishav Brahmin. Inspite of being a single parent, he gave his daughter all the love of her mother. He imparted to his daughter all the necessary lessons and wanted her to always learn the best.
Peshwa Baji Rao-2: Ravi Mankane
Peshwa Baji Rao 2 of Pune came to Bithoor in 1818 after the treaty with British. He had to leave Pune and shift to Bithoor. He was a good ruler and adjusted well in Bithoor. He soon became popular among the local people.
He had two daughters and adopted two sons. He adored Manu a lot and called her Chabili with love. Manu called him Ajoba Sahib (grandfather).

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