It�s raining cameos on Sapna Babul Ka- Bidaai

It�s raining cameos on
Sapna Babul Ka- Bidaai

It�s raining cameos on different shows on different channels. But Star Plus�s Sapna Babul Ka- Bidaai is heads ahead. The show has set a record of sorts when it comes to cameo appearances. The serial has had as many as 12 cameos so far. The latest to join the cameo gang is Kartik Sabharwal. He is number 13.

Kartik is all geared up to play the role of Shailendra, a guy from U.P., with grey shades in his character. Kartik says, �It is a different cameo and I have never played a UPite. I am doing this cameo as I share a good rapport with the producer Rajan Shahi. He is a very good director and the show is being talked about for its simplicity everywhere.�

Rajan Shahi, the producer and the series director of the show adds, �This is going to be the most interesting cameo so far. Till now the family had come across the usual problems and the simple ups and downs of life. Kartik�s entry as Shailendra would bring in a sense of fear and tension in the life of Sadhna. People would be shocked to see such kind of threat on the show. It would make Sadhna realize that not everyone in this world is good and will come across a different world outside.�

What made him zero down on Kartik for the role? �Kartik is brilliant as an actor and this character was conceived keeping him in mind. He will be there for five-six episodes. We have worked together in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan earlier. He is one of my favourite actors,� replies Rajan.

But why are there so many cameo appearances in his serial? Rajan replies, �When the story was structured there were no leads decided at that time. We just hand-picked actors who I am personally associated with. All the cameos were written keeping the actors in mind. I interacted with them and they all agreed to do the cameos. These cameos create an impact on a particular character and link the story.� Rajan adds, �Why put a particular actor in your serial and not utilise him to his true potential? I have roped in some very well known actors like Mahesh Thakur, Rajesh Khattar, Rucha Gujrati and have utilised them very well. These actors with their good acting and their roles leave an impact on the viewers.�

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