Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann Twinkle Bajpai,

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Cast : Twinkle Bajpai, Kshitee Jog, Seema Shetty, Smriti Mohan, Aishwarya Narkar, Yatin Karyekar, Tanushree

Betiyaan is a story of a Gujarati family that depicts the mindset of most of the middle and upper middle class families of the society. It shows the psychology of individuals who still believe that society can be run and governed by men only.

Suryakant Garodia is also one of these. He is a known, respected businessman whose family since past four generations is into business of making traditional Gujarati 'bandhanis' and because of this reason he is one of the most respected and richest individuals of the area. For him its just not a business but matter of pride.

But what worries most to Suryakant is that will this honor and family business end with him? Will there be no one else from his next generation who will follow this decades old family pride and bussiness?

After giving birth to three daughters, his wife Savitri once again is expecting a child and Suryakant this time is very hopeful of having a son. In fact, his family pandit has predicted that this time there are no chances of anything going wrong.

Finally the day comes. It’s Diwali. All are hoping that this Diwali will mark the entry of the heir to their family. Suryakant’s mother, too, is very hopeful and pressure is building up on Savitri. However, finally as Savitri gives birth to a baby girl, all dreams, expectations and hopes are shattered for one more time.

The newly born baby girl is called ‘Laxmi’, one who is not welcomed by anyone in the family except her mother and sisters.

Though Suryakant always wishes to have a son but at the same time he is even fulfilling all his responsibilities towards his daughters, but as a man with orthodox thoughts he thinks that ‘ladkiyaan toh paraya dhan hotee hain’ and one day they have to move on. Things become more complicated when doctors declare that because of some biological problems Savitri will never be able to conceive in future.

His family’s pandit suggests that he still has a ‘putr-yog’ and very soon will be blessed with it but for that, something has to be done…. something very drastic.

And as expected, worst hits the family and Savitri when, one fine day, Suryakant walks in the house with Menka… second wife. Savitri is shocked and helpless. Suryakant’s mother as well as sisters supports Suryakant’s act. Savitri is helpless and accepts Menka in her life and family.

Menka, after few days gets pregnant and… on the next Diwali, much to the family’s delight, delivers a son, Yuvraj.

Suryakant’s life changes and now he is the happiest man on the earth. Menka becomes dominant in the house and Savitri and her daughters are pulled down. Suryakant & his family, least bothered about the existence of his first wife and four daughters, is happy in their new world with Menka and Yuvi.

It’s in these circumstances that the children grow up under the same roof… a brother whose every wish becomes the command at home… & his four elder sisters, whose every wish is sidelined & sacrificed.

While the elder three sisters are too afraid of their father to raise their voice against this blatant injustice, it is Lakshmi, the effervescent, bubbly youngest of the lot, who will stand up for herself… & her sisters… in fact, for all daughters & women… & stake claim to their rightful place in their family, society… & the w

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