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Yuvraj of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan (Romit Raj)

Yuvraj has the distinction of having been married three times in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan. He first married Pavitra (Jasvir Kaur), followed by Durga (Niyati Joshi), and then Pavitra again. In one of his interviews, Romit had joked that he was flattered to have been married so many times in one show. But the actor has now quit the show, so there won’t be a fourth marriage. Actor Sid Makkar of the Turning 30 fame has a body that many men would die for. Sid shares his fitness mantra:

All-time care
My fitness mantra is to stay and think positive and to strike a balance between work and play. I believe that good food, restful sleep and regular exercise will make sure you have a healthy body. The results of your sins start showing once you're older, so it's important to take care of your health all the time.

Life's good
I believe in living in the moment and maximising it every second. I don't like to worry about what tomorrow might bring. Worry brings stress and that is bad for your health. Mental wellbeing is one of the keys to a healthy life.

No stressAfter a hectic schedule, I make sure I go for a massage to rejuvenate my body. A workout and sex are sure to take away the pressure. To relax my mind, I meditate or go on a holiday. The act of giving, spending time with the family, and being one with nature help me get back to work with renewed vigour.
 Yuvraj Malhotra aka KaranThe very handsome actor Yuvraj Malhotra has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of his female fan following with his brilliant performance in the very popular Zee daily `Ghar Ki lakshmi Betiyaan`.

This actor actually hails from the capital of the Indian subcontinent and completed his education there. Before he chose to get into the profession of acting he was working as an interior designer with Indornal Interior Pvt. Ltd for two years. He claims that interior designing is his hobby, which he made into work. He has acting in his genes as his father was a theater actor and has worked with popular names like Satish Kaushik and Raj Babbar. In fact it was the influence of his father that made him pursue his acting career.

In fact acting has been the long cherished dream of Yuvraj Malhotra. He wanted to start with big banners and big star cast and that is the reason, which made him wait for more than two years. It was his friend Amit who suggested him to go for the audition of the role of Karan. In fact he made his effort of facing the camera long time back and has walked the ramp many times, as well as done many commercials like Dhara Oil, Lays and Rejoice. But `Betiyaan` is his first step towards the world of acting and he is very happy about the fact that he is acting with such a popular star cast. He has also acted in another soap called `Jeete Hai Jiske Liye` where he plays the son of Renuka Sahane and Ayub Khan.

In this soap he is not at all fond of his father and does not have the support of his mother as well because she has been put behind the bars after being falsely accused of murder. He is taken care of by his sister and aunt and in the due course of time he turns into a negative character. He is also shown after the generation leap.

The small screen viewers were really surprised by the acting potential of this young actor at such a tender stage. Day by day his character of Karan in `Betiyaan`, which is also showing negative traits, is even gaining much popularity with the telly viewers. On the personal front however he is a very happy and contented soul as he is sharing an intimate bond with his co-star Twinkle Bajpai who plays the role of the female protagonist Lakshmi in `Betiyaan`.

he actor has admitted in a recent interview that he is seeing his co-star for the past few months. But as of now their main focus is into their career. They are also very serious about their relationship and want their relationship to culminate into marriage. It is hoped that this actor will go a long way in his professional as well as personal life. However the actor himself is also very much sure that his career will gain soaring heights in the impending times.

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