جمع معلومات عن مسلسل هندي البنات زينة البيتGhar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan… Changing tracks?.

It's going good for Zee TV once again. The channel has managed to rope in audiences with Saat Phere and Kasamh Se which have proved to be a real competition for the rival channels. Now, it's the turn of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, which was launched with a lot of fanfare to counter Star's Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki in the 10 pm slot. A few months back the show invited a lot of flak for its regressive representation of women but now it seems to be getting on the right track. Now, its back in news once more.
Hold…no rushing to conclusions. The serial recently created a history of sorts when the shaadi sequence between Bhavishya (Kartik) and Saraswati (Kshitee Jog) was shot in a way that it appeared a real shaadi to other unit members. Comments Rajan Shahi, the series director of Betiyaan, "I felt more like the father of the bride than a director while shooting the sequence. I mean so detailed and authentic was the whole set-up that it seemed like a real shaadi. We shot all the 40 ceremonies that are associated with the traditional Gujarati marriage. I had to take three days rest to get back to work, as I was completely drained by the opulent affair."
The storyline of the show will witness a fresh turn of events with the marriage of the eldest daughter Sarswati (Kshitee Jog) to Bavishya (Kartik) turning out to be a huge fiasco. Bavishya locks Sarswati in a hotel room on their honeymoon trip and henceforth his character would turn oppressive. Saraswati on the other hand chances upon her former admirer and she finds a new support in him. Lakshmi (Twinkle Bajpai), the youngest of the four daughters will continue to fight for her elder sister as she does for her mother. But, somehow over a period of time she will also be more subdued and less of her rebellious self, as she has fallen in love. So, a lot of drama expected in the coming weeks on the show.
For all those uninitiated, the story is about the Garodia family who are blessed with three girls and wish a son's birth. Destiny blesses the family with a fourth baby girl and the family head Suryakant Garodia gets married for a second time to find a male heir for the family and is finaly blessed with a son. Now, with a new wife and an old family a lot of drama gets generated in the show.
Rajan Shahi has directed popular serials like Jassi Jaise Koi Nahin, Millee, Kareena Kareena and Viraast to name a few. His forte has been the female centric themes that have become a niche genre post Jassi's popularity.
Commenting on the overall treatment of the show which critics typecast as stereotypical, "I don't agree with these statements. We are not rooted in the stereotype but in reality. The story of Betiyaan does echo in many households. Women continue to be the fairer sex whereas men are supposed to carry forward the progeny. We are holding a mirror to that reality and if in doing so we are labeled as regressive, it's awfully ridiculous. Finally, in the show all the female leads will rise above their oppressive circumstances" says the experienced director.

Rightly said Mr. Rajan, we have little to disagree with you on this.
Home sweet home: Sid Makkar
Sid Makkar aka Satyakam has found a new home on the sets of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan. Since the actor gets a little time to go home and rest, he has decided to shift his base at the shooting venue instead.

Sid says, "We are shooting day and night at the Filmcity Studio for the last couple of weeks. Usually, I start shooting at around 1 am and finish around 7 am. Then, again I have to shoot in the afternoon. I stay near Malabar Hills and it takes at least one-and-a-half hour to reach home and exactly the same time to come back on the sets. I can barely sleep for two hours. It was taking a toll on my health. The best option for me was to stay back on the sets and get my sleep. The make-up room has become my second home now. I am happy since I don't need to bother about the traffic any more"

The actor now carries an extra bag to the sets. "I carry a bag which has my extra pair of clothes, brush, body wash and the entire daily utility stuff," says Sid.

The actor further adds, "Obviously, I won't get the comforts of my home on the sets. Every morning, one crew member or the other creates a ruckus, awakening me from my sleep. Moreover, there are jumbo mosquitoes hovering all around. So, I make sure to keep mosquito repellents in the room."
Kshitee Jog of Ghar Ki Lakshmi-Betiyaan ran scared of shooting a scene on domestic violence, and just couldn't get it right.

Gol maar: Kshitee Jog
The shooting of Ghar Ki Lakshmi-Betiyaan was stalled recently thanks to Kshitee Jog, who plays Saraswati in the serial. Even after several retakes, Kshitee could not get a domestic violence scene right and the director decided to stop shooting for an hour. An unhappy Kshitee started crying on the sets.

Says Kshitee, "Actually, the scene was a violent one, where my husband throws alcohol on my face. Initially, I refused to do the scene. But later on, I realised my responsibility as an artiste and finished the shoot. Thankfully, all the crew members were very supportive. It's very disheartening to know that domestic violence still prevails in our country. Moreover, being the only child in my family, I have always been pampered a lot. I just could not relate to my character in the show."

Kshitee adds, "I was a little unhappy with the way I was being treated on screen. In fact, the whole unit was upset while doing the scene. My co-star Kartik Sabarwal, aka Bhabishya who was bashing me up, kept apologising after every single shot. But, I could not get my expressions right and requested them to stop the shooting. I got so upset that I started weeping."
Bollywood calling: Romit Raaj
Young actor Romit Raaj who is currently busy playing one of the male leads in Ze TV's Ghar Ki Lakshmi-Betiyann is all set to return to the big screen. The actor, who who made his debut as romantic hero in Hum Dum and later acted in Goutam Ghosh's yet-to-be-released film Yatra as Nana Patekar's son, has received a five-film offer package from producer Harish Shah (the producer who made Jaal with Sunny Deol and Tabu). 
When contacted, Romit confirmed the news. He said, "It's true that Harishji has offered me a five-film contract, but it's too early to talk about the projects. Harishji is working on the script of his first film, and will soon be ready with his subject."

After working in Yatra, Romit was extremely hopeful about his career in films, but ended up doing television instead. "I waited for a year and then took up television. I was getting offers, but I wanted to try my hands at television for a while. I think my character Yuvraj in Betiyaan is very interesting, because of its negative shades," he says.

Romit is not signing any new assignment on television. "I always wanted to be a film actor, but after waiting for a year, when I did not get any meaty offer, my dad asked me to try television. I think I have been lucky to bag a good project with Harishji," he says.

Romit is waiting for the release of Yatra. The film got delayed after Rekha had some problem with director Gautam Ghosh. Finally, the film is complete, and producer Bipin Vora is planning to release the film early next year. "I am glad that I could share screen-space with actors like Nana Patekar and Deepti Naval. I have learnt a lot from them," he says.

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