Oh! My lady' Choi Siwon become actor between 'Rain-Eric' ?

'Oh! My lady' Choi Siwon become actor between 'Rain-Eric' ?
[Asiae Economy - Park Kun Ug - reported]
Super junior group member Choi Siwon attrack a lot of attention today from acting on SBS drama ‘Oh! My lady’
April 12nd at the afternoon, Min-woo (Choi Siwon) and Auntie Manager Yun Kae-hwa (Chae Rim) in‘Oh! My lady’ attracts a lot of attention because of unexpected kissing scene case.
After drunken Min-woo and Kae-hwa kiss each other because the influence of the liquor scene has started to broadcast, more people and the viewers feel longing to see this very much.
Especially, there’s most eyes focus on Oh! My lady and this’s not an exaggeration.
In fact, since it broadcast there were many people worry that could he adapted it[his acting] out well? But in Choi Siwon drama, he has shown his good acting by pure Sung Minwoo character and from this perfectly good acting; the viewers make eulogy to him.
Today, there’s comment to Choi Siwon broadcasting (Oh! My lady) that unexpected kiss makes them feel embarrass.

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