Natasha Rana, TV Actress

Ambika in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai (37592) size:800x600 TV Actress-Natasha RanaThe very talented actress Natasha Rana made the small screen audiences wonder with awe how cruel can one person be while she was enacting the character of Pam Mallya, who, by all means tried to make the life of her daughter-in-law complete hell. This bundle of talent actually hails from the small town of Jalandhar situated in the Indian state of Punjab and was born on 18th of January. After completing her schooling she went on to study law but then too much of emotional attachment with the cases compelled her to leave the course. About trying her luck in acting that also happened by sheer coincidence. There was a director who wanted to cast a girl with long hair and that time she decided to try her luck as it was easy money but only after entering wholeheartedly into the profession that she realized how tough is the life of an actor. However she does not have any regrets in this matter. In fact such is her acting potential that people have loved to hate her on-screen.

Off-screen however, the very talented Natasha Rana is a complete different person. She is very naughty by nature and always loves playing pranks on her friends. She is not at all like the conniving and menacing Pam Mallya who is snobbish and snooty. She is in fact hypersensitive and a die-hard animal lover. She is also a movie and travel buff. She would have been an environmentalist if not an actor but she feels that she is born to act and was in the right place at the right time. About the actors who top her list of inspiration is the popular Bollywood hero and the perfectionist actor Aamir Khan. If provided a chance to select a dream role she would definitely opt for some character in `Life is Beautiful`.

About her character of Pam Mallya, Natasha Rana was very much excited to bag the role after being selected. She felt that the character had a lot many shades to portray. In fact the character was nowhere close to what she was in her personal life so it was a challenge for her to portray her. In the other serial `Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan` also she enacted the role of menacing `saans` Dhara Ben and was equally successful in making the audiences hate her to the core. In her spare time she likes to catch up good movies with Deep Raj Rana who is also an actor by profession. She also loves travelling and cooking sumptuous delicacies whenever she gets sometime in between her hectic schedules. As of now she is working on something interesting but she is not too keen on revealing now. This actress has lot more to give her fans in the coming times. Over all there is much to expect from this actress in the coming times, as she has become one of the most sought-after actors in the Indian Television Industry in the current times.

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