Hunar's excitement costs Waseem dearly!

Hunar's excitement costs Waseem dearly!

During a fight sequence in Zee’s Karol Bagh, Hunar Halli got so excited that she hit Waseem at a ‘very wrong place’…

A fight sequence of Zee TV's 12/24 Karol Bagh turned into a comic act when Hunar Halli hit co-actor Waseem Mushtaq where it would cause him the most pain!

Hunar tells us, "There's a scene where I, the rebellious child of the house, am back home with some mischief. But this time the issue is really serious and even my mom is angry with me. Its at this time that Waseem who plays my brother Anuj interferes and I start arguing with him in a very rude manner. I question him as to who he is to interfere in my life. So things take a very ugly turn."

Things get so heated up that the raising of hands begins. Hunar says, "The tension mounts so much that my brother and I start hitting each other. It's a typical thing that happens in any house." In between guffaws Hunar goes on, "I got so carried away with the acting that I didn't bother to check where I was hitting Waseem. It was only after the shot was over that Waseem made me realize the gravity of what I had done. He told me that I behaved like a Jhansi Ki Rani"

Apparently Hunar has earned a 'dangerous' tag, thanks to her slip of hand during an earlier scene too. Hunar says, "There was also a scene where I had to slap a guy but instead of acting it out, I actually gave him a tight one on the cheek. Later I apologized profusely and even he forgave me, but the men who noticed this didn't take it lightly. Now all the light-men, spot boys and sound technicians talk to me very carefully. Some of them even told me that they are afraid of me! They were like – madam, don't take any offense but we are scared of you!"
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