Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann 22nd July 09 – Written Update

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann 22nd July 09 – Written Update and Jhan are making dinner ready for Babuji(Nikhil’s father). Jhan says
she is happy that babuji dint get angry as they thought and he forgave them.
She says he must have really liked Bhavana’s dance that’s the reason he dint
punish them.
But bhabhi doesn’t think so’She says it’s like the silence
before the storm. She is not sure that Babuji forgave them.
Scene 2 : Akash, Gauri n payal
Aakash and payal are
at a remote place’ Akash is seriously
thinking about something. Payal asks him whats the matter. He tells her that he
had admitted to his mother that he loves Payal not Gauri.
Gauri in her room’ holding aakash’s photo and crying. She
talks to the photograph’tells that she loves Akash a lot’and she will keep
loving him . She remembers all the past reg herself and Aakash. How they met,
how they got married and how Akash declared that he never loved her.
Here’ Akash expresses his love for Paayal’and tells her that
he cannot live with Gauri’all his life and he hates her.
Gauri decides to leave Akash’s place. (Finally!!) But
Devyani stops her, and asks where she is going.
Gauri says, Now the truth that Aakash hates her is out, so
she is leaving him and the house forever.
Dev asks her whether she loves her son. Gauri admits to her
mom-in-law that she loves Aakash a lot and she will love him for life.
Devyani requests Gauri not leave her alone and go. She says
that she is the reason for all her problems. She admits that her son is very
selfish and never really bothered to think about her mother too. And says she
hoped that Gauri can bring a change in her son.
Gauri says how can she live under the same roof when she
knows very well that Aakash hates her and he even hates to see her face.
Devyani pleads with Gauri’not to leave her alone and go.
Gauri finally gives in’she hugs her mom-in-law. Devyani
promises Gauri that she will stand beside her and fight against her son.. And
fight for Gauri’s rights.
Scene 3: @ Nikhil’s house:
Jhan comes into her room’ Nikhil is in the room and looks
Jhan tells him that she is happy becoz his father forgave
all of them for Bhavana’s dance and says that Babuji might have liked Bhavana’s
dance a lot.
She notices Nikhil’s expression and asks him what’s wrong.
Nikhil says she has time for everybody else in the house,
but she never has enough time for him. He says that he shouldn’t have brought
her to the village’then she would have time only for himself.
Scene 4 : @Garodia parivaar:
Savitri is doing Tulasi puja. Her fingers get burnt when she
tries to light diya. Her mom-in-law comes there and asks her to be careful with
fire. She tells Sav that there is lot of difference between a chiraag n a
fire..a chiraag lights the entire house but a fire burns the whole house.
Sav feels she might have made a mistake in thinking that
Yuvaraj is a chiraag of the house.
Scene 5: @ Nikhil’s house:
Morning time. Bhabhi is doing puja. Her husband asks her to
give breakfast to him. He tells her that he is in a hurry as he has some imp
work. Then he asks her where Babuji is. She says she hasn’t seen him since
morning. Nikhil and Jhan too come there. They all wonder where Babuji is.
A man cmes there and informs them that their Babuji is at a
Ghaat’and asked all of them to come there.
They all rush to the ghaat’
They see Babuji is doing some kind of puja there. Babuji
gets up an goes towards the river. Nikhil and his brother ask the pujari what
puja it is.
Pujari says Babuji is doing his own Shraadh!! ( donno what
its called in English, not funeral of course.)

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