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12/24 Karol Bagh
Karol Bagh Intertitle.jpg
Written bySatyam Tripathi, Anshuman Sinha
Directed byRavi Bhushan
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes253
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Original channelZee TV
Original runAugust 31, 2009 – October 22, 2010
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12/24 Karol Bagh (Hindi: १२/२४ क़रोल बाग़) is an Indian television drama series that aired on Zee TV set in the Karol Bagh area of Delhi. The series premiered on August 31, 2009, and replaced the popular drama series Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann.[1] The series directed by Ravi Bhushan, produced by Sunshine Productions, is being shot in both Delhi and Mumbai studios.[2] The story deals with the conflicts between today's kids' generation and their parents. In spite of having a different location and environment, the show is doing well for the channel. The success of the series, started the trend of many TV serials being set in Delhi.[3]



Delhi has gone through many changes since independence in the name of modernization, culture and values ut there is one thing which has never changed in the lives of a middle-class family –the struggle. The struggle to survive, the struggle to find love and then the struggle to keep relationships together, so as to never lose that love.
12/24 Karol Bagh – Yahan Baste Hai Kuch Sapne is the story of the Sethi family who lives in the middle-class locality of Karol Bagh in Delhi. Rajinder Sethi bears the wrath of the Sealing Act in Delhi and has to shut down his small time cloth business. His wife Manju tries to give every possible support to him. The struggle is on.
Their four children ' Simi, Anuj, Neetu and Mili ' see their parents as a living example of perfect partners, full of love and understanding. 35 years of symbiotic living, of give and take, the way soulmates and life partners are meant to be.
If Rajinder and Manju's four children epitomize today's generation, what is it that the new generation is looking for in their own relationships?
So who is the perfect partner... how does one find them? Can parents make the right choice of a soulmate for their child? Can one find their soulmate on their own? Or is it finally destiny that controls who we share our lives with?
12/24 Karol Bagh is the saga of the family and the aspirations, hopes, tribulations that each member of the family goes through. Yet life is bliss as long as they are together.
This story started off with when simi was getting married to Rajiv Bhalla but her aliance gets destroyed when she finds out he is a big flirt. Then sismi makes his younger brother Anuj get married to anita the women he loves slowly slowly simi falls in love with Abhi Anita's younger brother and younger than simi. Simi and Abhi get married but everyone is very upset with him including Abhi mum and dad. So they both stay in simi's house, where everyone there is upset aswell except for Mili her younger sister and her dad. Then slowly everyone is happy and then Anuj teams up with Rajiv Bhalla to get the house papers on his name. But his dad made the decision to give the house to her 3 daughters. Anuj throws his dad on the floor and takes the papers from but soon they find out that it was not an accident and simi and Abhi find out this was all the conspiracy by Rajiv Bhalla to get the house.
Then a new character comes in Nakul Singh who attempts to rape Milli and drags him to court Everyone supports her on this except for Neetu's husband because he loves his brother and he does not like ill about his brother. When the truth is out Nakul in jail. Everything is in peace 12/24 karol bagh until Mili is about to marry Vishal until she realizes she is in love with Abhi. Abhi tells this to Simi and tries to make her understand that she is married to him but she is just crazy about him. Until she lies to Simi that he tries to rape but Abhi says he didnt. Simi tells this to everyone and Mili is thrown out of the house.
Nakul comes back whith his hench man and say that Abhi's life is in danger and to live he has to marry someone els.e This conspiracy again is Rajiv Bhalla's but this time he is used as a pawn the real player is none other than Nakul singh. They find out the truth when Abhi gets marries to someone else and Simi gets marries to Rajiv. Everyone plays a part and actually its Abhi and Simi who gets married, the police arrest Rajiv Nakul and his henchman. the next Simi's dad gives them tickets to shimla and everything is back to normal in 12/24 karol bagh.


The Sethi family
  • Simran (Simi) Sethi/Tarneja (28) (Smriti Kalra): The eldest of the four Sethi siblings is Simran aka "Simi". She has crossed her marriageable age and the pressure to get her married soon looms large on the Sethi family. Simi is a soft-spoken and warm-natured girl. Despite this, Simi is often rejected by her prospective grooms. Simi suffers from her own bouts of insecurities as she is plump and feels judged because of that. Later, Simi finds herself in a relationship with Abhinav. The only problem is that he is younger than her and also is her sister-in-law Anita's younger brother, but then they do get married. The relationship, though perfect, is taboo. She is getting jealous as she fells Mili is getting too close to Abhi.
  • Manju Sethi (52) (Alka Amin): Manju is the wife of Rajinder Sethi, an honest and simple man who lives in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi. Manju is Rajinder's pillar of strength and supports him through all the tough times he faces. She is a practical, worldly wise woman yet has very negative thoughts and ideas at certain times, but is suffering from kidney infection.
  • Rajinder Sethi (60) (Banwari Taneja): Rajinder Sethi is an honest, simple middle-class man who travels by his two-wheeler to sit at his shop every single day. Rajinder Sethi and his wife Manju live with their son and three daughters in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi.
  • Anuj Sethi (29) (Waseem Mushtaq): Anuj Sethi is the second sibling out of the four. He works in a bank as he refused to take up his father's business. He has always had minor differences with his father whether it is about his career or his marriage. Anuj loves his family but has a streak of selfishness in him, especially when it comes to his marriage and choice of girl or decisions in life. He is unable to do much for them or have a say in matters. He has been in a relationship with Anita for about two years now. Anita belongs to a much more financially well-off family than what Anuj belongs to.
  • Mili Sethi (21) (Hunar Hali): The youngest sibling, Mili, simply wants to rise above the middle-class clutter. She is a bold girl, focused on making something of her life. She knows the value of money as she has seen her family struggle. She was supposed to get engaged to Vishal, but the day before the engagement she overheard Nakul plotting to kill Omi and Neetu then confronted him about it. He then tried to rape her and she ran away. He followed her and once again tried to rape her, but she got away again and hit his head with a hammer leaving him there. She returns home with Abhi and they plan to tell everyone the day after the engagement. But on the day of the engagement Nakul shows up and says she is lying. Because of this Vishal's parents cancel the engagement. She is now married with Vishal (against her wishes) but is in a love triangle with Abhi. She is trying to ruin Simi and Abhi's relationship.
  • Vishal Mathur: A boy from London to whom Mili is engaged. They have much in common and talk on the phone/SMS each other all day. But the engagement had stop when Abhi told everyone that Nakul Singh Dagar tried to rape Milli at the Roka ceremony and after hearing that Vishal's parents canceled the engagement.
  • Neetu Sethi/Dagar (25) (Sargun Mehta): Neetu Sethi is the third sibling out of the four. She is a bright and bubbly girl with not too many ambitions in life except wanting to get married soon. She loves shopping, dressing up and looking good and loves the consequent stares that she gets from men. She consider the stares a compliment. She has her own notions about life, all centering around stars and glamour and hopes to be married to the likes of Ranbir Kapoor one day. She meets a boy named Vicky and he gets her pregnant. She tries to run away with him after she finds out that she is pregnant, but Vicky is arrested for stealing money from Nakul. Then she got married to Omi, Nakul's brother. At first she despised him, but Neetu has now warmed to Omi and loves him. Right now they are not talking because he believes Nakul didn't try to rape Mili. They are back together from court and now are as close as they can be.
  • Anita Tarneja/Sethi (26) (Devyani Shiv) is Abhi's sister and Anuj's wife, who runs away from her home and seeks shelter with the Sethis, creating a big mess in Simi's life and the Sethi household.
  • Rajeev Bhalla (34) (Indresh Malik) is a somewhat wealthy businessman. He is ugly and fat. Simi is almost as being seen is forced to marry him. Rajeev flirts and checks out any "hot chick" that passes by or gets his attention. He taunts Abhi, of him being younger than Simi, which makes Abhi very violent. He is jealous of Abhi
  • Abhinav (Abhi) Tarneja (24) (Neil Bhatt) is the younger brother of Anita the wife of Anuj who is the younger brother of Simi Sethi. Abhinav is a very young, good looking, helping, caring and fun type of a youngster. He is studying Business Management and when he comes back to Delhi for his sister's wedding he meets Simi and soon they become best of friends. He finds out that Simi is facing a lot of problems in life and tries to help her come out of it. Soon he realises that he is in love with Simi and confesses it to her. He married to Simi.
  • Nakul Singh Dagar (30) (Manish Nawani): Nakul is a man with strong principles and believes in old traditional values. Despite this he is a terrible shrewd person. He gives Omi medicine to make him go mad and tries to kill him and Neetu. He even tried to rape Mili.
  • Omkar (Omi) Dagar(26) (Ravi Dubey): Omi enters Neetu's life when Vicky is in prison for stealing some money from Nakul, and is now married to her. He owns a dhaba, just like his father and loves to cook.
  • Vicky (26) (Manit joura): Vicky, a thief, is Neetu's boyfriend who makes her pregnant. He is in prison for stealing money from Nakul.
  • Mr. Tarneja (58) (Yuri Suri): Mr. Tarneja is a famous business tycoon and Abhi and Anita's dad with lots of attitude and big ego. He insists on listening to some saint rather than his own children's feelings.
  • Mrs. Anusha Tarneja (Mala Mishra): a wonderful mother, who cares for Abhi and Anita. She is also shown as caring for materialistic things, a typical high society woman.
  • Mr. Surinder : (Sushil Tyagi): Mr. Surinder plays an active role in the show. Mr. Surinder stops Simi from marrying a kid in one of the episodes.


2009 Zee Rishtey Awards
  • Zee Parivaar Ka Favorite Naya Sadasya (Male)
  • Favorite Behen - Simi
2010 New Talent Awards
  • Best New Actor In A Negative Role (Male) - Indresh Malik as Rajiv Bhalla
  • Best New Actor In A Supporting Role (Female) - Sargun Mehta as Neetu
  • Most Promising New Producer Of The Year - Sudhir Sharma for 12/24 Karol Bagh


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