Some Accomplishments of Ulka Gupta India House honored Ulka Gupta Women Achievers Award

Some Accomplishments of Ulka Gupta

What can you possibly dream of as a 12 year old kid? Ulka Gupta has achieved more at such small age that many people don’t in their lifetimes. She is playing a lead role in one of India’s hottest TV serials and her number of fans is growing each day. She has already received offers to perform in at least new mega TV serials. Not surprisingly she has received 5 major awards in her short career as an actor. These awards include Zee Rishte Award (of course from Zee TV), FICCI award, and The Gold award and ITA award. Some of these awards are for best actor and some as best child actress.  If she can achieve that much from just one serial at this early age then what could she become after 10 years? This is the question that many critics ask.

Ulka Gupta Awards

India House honored Ulka Gupta Women Achievers Award

Gupta Women Achievers Award

India House honored Ulka Gupta Women Achievers Award 

On the special occasion of The 2nd Women Achievers Award on 26th November 2010, India House as sponsor was privileged to give Ms. Ulka Gupta an award as young actress in playing the headrole in the tv serial Jhansi Ki Rani. She received this award from honorary member of India House: Ms. Vyayantie Jagbandhan. 

Ulka was noticed by the makers of 'Jhansi Ki Rani' from this role and she was selected to play the young 'Jhansi Ki Rani' aka Manu. She ruled everyone's heart for more than a year with her powerful performance and strong dialogue delivery. After completing her role as 'Manu', Ulka was seen performing at various functions but was never seen on any other show. 

The Queen of Jhansi who is a legend in the history of India Rani Lakshmi Bai (1835-1858) known as Jhansi Ki Rani (the Queen of Jhansi), was one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and a symbol of resistance to British rule in India. She was the Queen of the Peshwa-ruled princely state of Jhansi, in the northern part of India. She has gone down in Indian history as a legendary heroine, the Joan of Arc figure who took part in the Indian Rebellion against the rule of the East India Company. 

Rani Lakshmi Bai was more than a martial leader. In her brief time she cast aside many conventions to unite peoples of all castes and religions in her cause. She became a national heroine and was seen as the epitome of female bravery in India. When Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army created its first female unit, it was named after her. 

India House is in the process to organise this exclusive event for the first time outside India in Amsterdam.

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