Rubina Dilak Has A Fan in Jhansi Ki Rani

Rubina Dilak Has A Fan in Jhansi Ki Rani


“What an actress!!!” Rubina Dilaik gets accolades for her dual portrayal of Kanha and Radhika in Chhoti Bahu

Himachal beauty and popular telly actress Rubina Dilaik is over the moon for all the praise that she is getting from the television industry for her talent and the courage that she has shown in the filming the current track of Choti Bahu aired on Zee TV. The track required Rubina to play the character of Radhika (ahuman) and Kanha (the God) simultaneously. Says a source from the production house, “We have been inundated with calls and emails from well known people in the industry as well as viewers praising Rubina for her stupendo-fantabulous acting. Her dual portrayal of Kanha at one moment and Radhika, the very next moment has got her rave reviews. Audiences have appreciated her acting and this story line has also increased viewership as well.” Even Aman Varma, who was herco-actor on the show spoke very highly of her acting abilities, “The way Rubina switches from Radhika to Kanha and vice versa is really commendable. No wonder the audiences are loving her!”
Rubina has also found another admirer in Kratika Sengar. Kratika, who can be seen in the role of Aarti in Punar Vivaah, was overheard complementing Rubina. She said, “Chhoti Bahu is all about love between a man and woman while Jhansi was about the love for your country. Jhansi was about passion in the battlefield whereas Chhoti Bahu deals with the trials and tribulations of a couple in love. After all my fiery sequences, I used to look forward to retire to my room and enjoy a cute - sweet love story, this is where Chhoti Bahu came to my rescue. After Jhansi Ki Rani wrapped up, I took my much needed break and also caught up on the second season of Chhoti Bahu. Rubina is doing a fabulous job as Radhika and Kanha at the same time.”
In this dog eat dog world where lead actresses of rival shows are forever getting in to ugly catfights, it's heartwarming and endearing to hear words of praise from one lead actress for her counterpart. Rubina who couldn't stop gushing after she came to know of this, said, “It's very sweet of Kratika to shower such praise. She is known for her excellent acting on screen and in real life, she is one of the most chilled out actresses' I have ever came across. I'm sure Punar Vivaah will be a huge success and people will love her in the show.”
In the weeks to come, there's more change in Radhika's personality to a more confident avatar in Chhoti Bahu as Kanha has decided to transform the naïve Radhika to amore confident woman who will eventually throw Barkha out of the Rajpurohit house after teaching her a lesson the hard way of course!!!

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