Mili to create more trouble in Simi-Abhi's paradise

Mili's (Hunar Ali) obsession for Abhi is getting worse by the day. After trying to set her sister Simi (Smriti Kalra) on fire, in the coming episode Mili tries to poison her to win over Abhi (Neil Bhatt) in 12/24 Karol Bagh.

A source from the show says, "Mili's previous plan to create friction between Simi and Abhi went in vain. Now she brings a bottle of poison which Abhi happens to see. He thinks Mili will mix it in Simi's juice and asks Simi not to drink it, but Simi drinks it and tells him he is unnecessarily doubting her sister. On the other hand Mili has succeeded in creating rift between the couple. She has already made Simi notice lots of things against Abhi. Simi has fallen in her trap and starts arguing with Abhi. The couple will have a big fight and Simi will start misunderstanding Abhi. Soon their behaviour will change towards each other. Mili will be happy to see this as she continues to trouble her family and refuses to go back to her house to her husband Vishal. We are also planning to bring Neetu's delivery track, though the focus of the story will be on Mili-Abhi and Simi."

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