Sampada Vaze: The wedding was special since there was a meaning to each ritualSampada Vaze

Sampada Vaze: The wedding was special since there was a meaning to each ritual

Model and actress Sampada Vaze George talks about her marriage to businessman Chris George that took place four years ago

By As told to Purnima Goswami Sharma

Set across in two cities and two different styles, Sampada Vaze George had one grand wedding! It was her dream which finally came true as she had a church wedding and a typical Indian wedding.

“The preparations started almost a year in advance. We had picked a date a year in advance since my brother as well as a lot of my extended family lives overseas. So we all needed time so that everyone could make it.
We didn’t hire a wedding planner. All the preparations were done by my mother, my husband Chris and me. Between the three of us we knew exactly what we wanted and we managed every single thing.

Beauty and fitness
During the time of my wedding I was working as the lead for a daily show and was shooting 14 hours a day and 28 days a month. So it was very hectic for me. My skincare, fitness regime etc was pretty much non existent till about a week before the wedding. I followed a basic skin care routine that I always do nothing special.

I shopped for my jewellery and clothes just a week or two before the wedding date. The good part of this hectic schedule was that I had no time to get stressed at all since I was so busy. I shopped in the most efficient way possible.

For the Indian wedding I wore a golden lehanga with ghugroos and for the church wedding I wore a white gown designed by my cousin. I wore my moms pearl jewellery for the white wedding and for the Indian wedding my mother and hubby gifted me diamond sets from Notandas.

Pre-marital jitters
I didn’t have any pre-marital jitters as I was dating Chris for quite a while before we decided to get married and since we had decided the date so much in advance I had enough time to get over any jitters.

Ceremonies and parties galore
Before the actual wedding we had a lot of ceremonies. We had a mehendi which was organised by a very close friend of mine. It was a small intimate affair with just close family and friends. We also had a church wedding with just about 50 people in Mount Mary church in Bandra (Mumbai). Then that night we had an impromptu party at home with all our close friends and cousins. A lot of our friends and close family members hosted various pre-marriage parties for us.

We had a run up of almost 5 ceremonies before the main wedding day so I remember I was really physically tired but just the excitement, the happiness and the adrenalin rush carried us through.

Meaningful rituals
The whole wedding was extremely memorable. We had a female priest who was an Arya Samaji and the best part of the whole ceremony was that she explained the meaning of each and every ceremony and we knew what each ritual meant. We had also done away with any ritual which did not mean anything to us personally, for eg, the kanyadan" ceremony was something my parents didn’t want to do so we didn’t have that particular ritual at all. The wedding was made all the more special since there was a meaning to each ritual. Because of a combination of luck and lots of advance planning, nothing at all went wrong during the wedding.

Overall experience
Our wedding was a beautiful one and it was exactly the way we always wanted it. I had a Christian ceremony which was a small intimate affair and then a Hindu wedding. The Hindu wedding was outdoors like I always wanted. The entire venue including the trees and the water bodies around were decorated with hundreds of twinkling lights and diyas. It was simply a fairy tale like ambience. It was in January in Pune and the combination of the chilly weather and the beautiful intimate setting decorated with lights made the night memorable and romantic for us.

Each and every ceremony in the run up to the wedding was really special and great fun.
In fact my husband and I are planning a commitment ceremony on our 5th anniversary where we will renew our marriage vows."

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