Sampada faces her biggest challenge!

Sampada faces her biggest challenge!

Sampada faces her biggest challenge!

The pretty dame of small screen, Sampada Vaze is all set to take up the biggest challenge on her work front. The lady is to anchor the newest reality show Comedy Ka King Kaun where Indian and Pakistani comedians will be battling in the field of laughter riot while Sampada will be patrolling solo.

Incidentally her other show Hum Tum on Zee Next will be terminating too with the episodic season coming to an end. And before you know it, Sampada is already rolling for the next.

"Yeah I hardly felt I got a break in between. But this show is a big challenge for me. It's the first time I will be anchoring.

The show of course seems to be absolutely interesting, so I'm sure I'm bound to have a lot of fun. I've always been interested in anchoring. The spontaneity and presence of mind required in hosting a show is not an easy task.

And although I'm a little nervous, I'm quite positive and absolutely looking forward to it as well." Gleams Sampada.

And how we'd like to put it, with a host of handsome men and one witty woman, the show is bound to be a hit!

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