Sachin Sharma comeback with Pratigya - article

Sharma is back after a gap of five years on the leading GEC and is expectantly excited about his return. He will enthrall his fans as Aman's (Piyush Sahdev) brother, Gaurav Mathur onMann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. His character will remind us of Amitabh Bachchan from superhit Deewar.
Informs an elated Gaurav (Sachin Sharma), "It is a great feeling to make a comeback on STAR Plus after five years. My last show on the channel was Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. It's always a pleasure working with STAR Plus. Pratigya is one of the top rated shows of the channel and with Pearl Grey calling the shots, there is no fear of being treated like a caricature on the show. Every character on the show is important. The character I will be essaying is that of a son who wants to kill his father for he has killed his grandson. This is what they narrated to me while offering the character. This one line narration was enough for me to give my nod of approval to the show. Every actor wants to do experimental roles and this certainly falls in that category. I have no clue about the storyline of the show. I had just returned to the country when I got a call from Umesh Yamgarr, casting director of the show for this character and there was no chance I could refuse it considering the strength of it."
Television viewership has undergone a transformation. Viewers now watch a show for its concept and not for the faces. Does he think, he will repeat the success story on Pratigya like he did on Kahaani? "Things have certainly change. The TRPs have come down from 18 plus to a maximum of four or five. I can't expect to enjoy such humongous TRPs but the show is a hit with the audience and I hope to receive a warm response to my character and track", states the actor. When asked to choose one show over the other, Sharma intelligently rules down the query saying that both the shows are dear to him. If Kahaani is his past, Pratigya is his future and that he can't choose to give up either of his two hands", states he.
The male lead of the show, Krishna played by Arhaan Behll is extremely popular among the viewers and has established a huge fan-following, does it affect him? "See there is no competition at all. We cant eat into each other's share of fan following and success. I don't have to prove anything on TV and to my fans. My only concern is to do my bit to my best ability. This is all win - win situation for all the characters on the show as they all are equally important."
Talking about the transformation from Kahaani days to Pratigya, the actors quips, "Earlier it was more about rich and affluent families dealing in monies nowhere under crores and now the backdrop has shifted to rural region of the country. The shows have become more aggressive and experimental. This is the very first time I am doing a rural centric show and hope can do justice to it."
Gaurav feels that the channel too has undergone a welcome change. "Things have changed on STAR Plus. Apart from the new and more eye-catchy logo, they are airing new concepts without letting go the basic ideology", says he.
Apart from Gaurav another entry on the show will be Aman's younger brother Jay played by Mayank Arora. It is Jay who had accidentally hit Adarsh Saxena (Ankit Gera) Now that his own kin is under the scanner, will the righteous brother take a stand against him. Says Aman (Piyush Sahdev), "I don't think there will be a huge drama revolving around this. Considering my character, given a chance I would certainly stand against my own blood if it is at fault."
Sahdev has been receiving an overwhelming response from the loyal viewers of the show. Says he, "The feedback is immense and motivating. I received a compliment from one of the fans for my introduction shot. The fan actually said that I gave a strong competition to seasoned actor in Sajjan Singh, which is huge for me. Also I am always told that no matter how big the crowd is, I always manage to stand apart from it in every scene. This motivates an actor to push his boundary and excel in his domain."
Catch Sachin make his comeback as Gaurav and Aman in a fix after he comes to know that Adarsh has been hit by none other than his younger sibling Jay on Pratigya, Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm on STAR Plus.

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