Many people may not know but I am married: Sampada Vaze

Many people may not know but I am married: Sampada VazeQ. What qualities would you look for in your man?
A. I get along invariably with men. I see how they talk and whether they know what they are talking. He should be well spoken and well informed, aware of the rest of the world as well. I have a great admiration and respect for self mad man. He should have respect for women and most importantly for my family.

Q. Does looks matter to you?

A. No, not at all because I don’t rate high looks to anyone and very often good looking men or women have ego problems, which I have invariably found. I don’t think looks matter at all and that parameters are high on that part.

Q. Your take on ‘love at first sight’…

A. I don’t believe in love at first sight at all. I think it’s more like attraction and you build up on that.

Q. Your first crush?

A. I was in the sixth standard or something and there was a very cute boy in my club house, who was a good swimmer and had a very unusual name, Dussand. And after so many years I don’t remember his face but his name (laughs).

Q. Do you believe in going out on dates to know a person?

A. Yeah! Absolutely because other than that how will you know a person. Our parents and our grandparents did not have that luxury but we have got it and we should use it and should make a conscious choice.

Q. Should your man woo you with flowers and all the other chivalrous trappings?

A. I am not very impressed with all these. I am a very instinctive person and I think I like those who do more straight talking and one who talks sense. And moreover when I was in college I used to get tons of flowers, so I don’t get impressed by flowers at all honestly.

Q. Are men and women different?

A. Yes, very different. But I don’t say they are radically different. I won’t say men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Q. Is it possible to find the perfect man?

A. I don’t think there is a perfect woman so like wise there is no perfect men. So you only be lucky if you find a perfect men or women.

Q. There is a lot of talk about giving space in a relationship, what’s your definition of space?

A. I am a strong believer in that. You definitely need to give the other person space to grow. By space I mean definitely following separate profession as I don’t believe in forcing someone in doing something which he may not like.

You and your partner can have separate friends and there should be faith and belief on one another giving proper space. You can have separate interest and when you have that there are many things to talk about.

Q. Would parental consent be important?

A. Yes it’s very important because whether we like it or not, we all are product of our parents and if our parents don’t agree with us, I mean on logical basis not on the religious basis, then it would definitely cause you to think ten times.

Q. Given a chance to date a historical character, who would he be and why?

A. Oh my God! It has to be John f. Kennedy, he is so charismatic I have read his books I think he is amazing.

Q. What do you think about the institution of marriage?

A. I am definitely a believer in it, but if some one prefers to have a live in relationship she should not be forced to get married. But I personally feel that marriage is important.

Q. What would you do if your man turned out to be a gay?

A. I would congratulate him for keeping the secret for so long because I think he will have to be quite a smart guy if he manages to deceive me. I will probably feel less offended because he preferred another man and I can’t be a man. And I would kill him for sure in the clauses.

Q. Is sense of humor a must?

A. Not a must, but it would be nice if he has a sense of humor.

Q. Is there a Mr Right hiding in the closet?

A. I have found my Mr. Right. Many people may not know but I am married.

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