I will drop in wherever Milind goes' - Sachin Sharma

'I will drop in wherever Milind goes' - Sachin Sharma

'I will drop in wherever Milind goes' - Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma's Gandhigiri tactics continues, as the actor has now taken a pledge to follow Milind Soman wherever he goes, to get his dues back!!

It’s been a year since Lage Raho Munnabhai created its magic. Many have been impressed with the Gandhigiri of Sanjay Dutt and some have also tried following the same. One among them to have been following it is the popular face Krishna of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki aka Sachin Sharma.

But what made Sachin to follow Gandhigiri and to whom is he sending the flowers?? According to Sachin, he has not received his full payment for his work in the Zee Next series, “Hum Tum”. Milind Soman, the producer of the series has refused to pay him his dues and so Sachin has retorted to Gandhigiri style to remind Milind of the pending payment of 7.5 Lakhs. When Milind did not respond to regular calls, Sachin decided to send him bouquets everyday. When this too did not work out for him, Sachin reached Milind's office, Face Entertainment with a bouquet and dhol walas this Monday, but he was refused entry into the premises.

Getting to know about Sachin’s arrival, Milind and his colleagues suddenly vanished. We spoke to Sachin to get to know what his future plans for the same are. Is he going to follow the same Gandhigiri or is he going to follow the Bhagat Singh way?? The actor quips, “Britishers left India 60 years before and now after 60 years, it is Milind who ran away (laughs). Where ever he hides, I am sure he can't escape. I am sure Gandhigiri has worked out for many and will also work with me; so I am going to follow him till the time I don't get my money back. I will make my presence felt with a bouquet of flowers at all places Milind goes to, whether it is a public appearance or a press-conference”.

About his anguish he further adds, “I worked with Milind because I thought he has been an actor himself and will be a person with dignity, but I was shocked when he told me to take the 4 lakhs and forget the rest. Basically he has no intentions to give my dues. I also told him that you give a post dated cheque with any date, but give me the full amount, to which he turned deaf ears”.

So, how much will this Gandhigiri work out for Sachin? Will all actors start practicing the same if they don’t get their dues?? Just spare a thought if such a scenario does creep in!!

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Anuradha

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